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Short or long term storage facilities

Bizlen™ has safe, secure and convenient storage in Da Nang, for both short term and long term storage.


The Bizlen™ storage fees are as follows:

USD 5 per month per regular sized item, such as: regular sized boxes, suitcases, golf bags, backpacks, ovens, etcetera. 

USD 10 per month per large sized items, such as: TVs, office chairs, scooters, oversized suitcases, small cabinets, etcetera.

If you have many items, extra large items, and/or if you want to store for a longer period of time: that is perfectly possible! Let us know the details, and we will make you a customized quotation, including some tailor – made solutions and discount.

Make your own quotation in the “Instant quotation” calculator here: 

Please kindly note that our minimum total storage fee is always USD 30 per month. 

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Contact our team via e-mail or phone, and we will send your our draft contract. We will also let you know the next steps for safely storing your belongings.