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Business start up & legal services.

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The Bizlen™ Team are renowned for providing a professional and personalised service to all of our clients. We specialise in Business start up in Da Nang. We also Provide Business consulting to valued clients all around Vietnam.


Incredibly insightful and informative – Bizlen have helped me in the process of establishing myself and my business within Vietnam – I appreciate and would recommend them very much! #Mr. Rich Watson


Service fantastique, très bon Thank you so much, you saved me many hours of work and a great deal of money saved also #Mr. Michel Moreau


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Every foreigner who wants to start a business in Vietnam, first needs to apply for an investment registration certificate or “I-R-C”.

The IRC is for you to register your investment project (Business) with the local Department of Planning and Investment. The only documents that you need to provide are:

  1. Your original passport.
  2. A bank statement in your name showing sufficient financial means.
  3. A lease contract in your name for your proposed business location. This can either be the actual location where you want to do your business or a virtual office.

The process normally takes about 3 – 5 weeks to complete.

The next step is to apply for an enterprise registration certificate or E-R-C“. This means that you are registering your new company with the Vietnamese investment Authorities. This step is easier and faster to complete. It usually only takes around 1 – 2 weeks.

After obtaining these two documents, there are a few post – certification steps to complete. For example: opening a company bank account. Registering your new company on the national enterprises database. Making and registering a company seal (Stamp), which is still used in Vietnam to validate corporate documents. And ordering a company name sign. All these steps can normally be done in about 1 week.

Now you can start to apply for a visa or a temporary residence card. Depending on the sector of your business, you may need to apply for one or more so – called “sub – licenses”. You can think of an alcohol selling license for bars, a food safety certificate for restaurants, or a retail license for a clothes shop. But these can all be obtained after your company will have been established.

The Bizlen™ Team will take care of all of these steps and support you a long the way so the process will be hassle free!


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If you want to get a personalised quotation with an action plan and a time frame…..

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Bizlen Company

Vietnam, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world!

With a stable GDP – growth of around 7% per year, and an economy that is more and more opening to the world, you have come to a very interesting investment destination. Vietnam combines a large, young, and educated work force, with an excellent geographic location, a developing legal framework and a growing middle class. And we have seen a dramatic increase in international Business start ups in Da Nang and Vietnam.



Da Nang is one of Vietnam’s biggest cities, with a population of around 1,5 million. An international airport with a growing number of destinations, an important sea port, various industrial zones, together with good (rail-)roads and an excellent communications network, all make Da Nang a well-connected strategic hub in Central Vietnam.

There are around 500 foreign direct investment projects in Da Nang, with a combined value of around USD 4 billion. Around 5 million people visit Da Nang annually, and around 5,000 expats are registered within the city’s boundaries. So if you are hoping to start up your own business in Da Nang, you have come to the right place. One with a friendly investment climate, a magnificent location, and a high quality of life!


At Bizlen, we know Central Vietnam very well, and it has become our mission to help foreigners to achieve their financial and business goals with professional, fast, reliable and transparent services. Seeing a business opportunity is one thing, but taking hold of it is something else.



Making things easier for you.

We know that doing business in an unfamiliar country can be challenging, especially on the legal front. If you want to invest in Vietnam, you are going to need help. It is vital that you have experts working with you to make sure that your business plans have a solid foundation, both legally and financially. So having a team on your side who is familiar with the ins and outs of starting a business in Da Nang, can go a long way towards achieving success.


Our team can advise you about the possibilities and restrictions of your business plans, and we can guide you through each step of the process to realizing them. Together with our trusted legal and financial partners, we can consult and support you with a whole range of business services and legal services, such as company set up, business licensing, contract drafting and reviewing, legal research, accounting, financial planning, and taxation. No matter what you need, we have your solution.


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Furthermore, our Team can help you to find commercial spaces, offices and residential properties in Da Nang and Hoi An, we provide visa services, market research (e.g. competition and future trends), human resources (e.g. payroll management and support), branding (e.g. name and logo design, website, visual animation, and 3D images), and marketing (including digital marketing). Being part of Bizgroup™, we can also assist you with land procedures, design and construction, and investment opportunities in real estate.


No matter what you need to get your business in Vietnam going, Bizlen has the resources to take care of you. Make a head start by contacting us today! Send us an e-mail with your plans and inquiries, or give us a call to make an appointment at our office!

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